A New Year, New Approach.............. gin all the way

Wowzers! Where on earth did 2018 go? It seemed to whizz by in a whirlwind. I am not one to reflect per say on a year as I try to celebrate the here and now, to linger too long in looking behind ones shoulder, stops one from moving forward.

I am tentatively ready to embrace the brand new year, after a much needed time to recharge batteries. The early part of every new year is one of excitement as it brings birthdays. 2019 is a special one my son turns 13 and my daughter 16. Their birthdays are bittersweet as they are eager and in a rush to get older, but for me I love (teenage dramas aside) this age, yet I miss the younger years, the ones I possibly on reflection,didn’t cherish as much as I should of done.

My boy TomTom turns 13 in January and is so happy to be finally a teenager, although he reassured me that he will not become ‘that kind of teenager’, referring to his sister. TomTom is at a point in life that makes me so proud of how far he has come. They both show me different perspectives of life and I learn how to be a better person, from their spirit and approach. However TomTom’s steely determination to not be defined by a label, is quite empowering. Recently we had a chat and it stayed in my mind, as I often do struggle to grasp his black and white thought process. Maybe I live with too much grey running through my head. Sometimes things are just the way they are. Maybe us ‘greys’ could take a lesson and in return become more accepting and with that brings peace. Ultimately the only behaviour we can control is our own. So why let others impact and fill a space in our brain that could be taken up with more beneficial interests.

I don’t really make New Year resolutions, but I am going to look after myself and in particular embrace mindfulness. Always seemed so selfish to actually say I am going to have 'me' time. But with mental health being in the forefront of the media at the moment, I can understand that by not taking time for oneself in this crazy world it can be a downward spiral to ill health. I have felt this stress of late by launching Taylor and Belle. Starting a business in this day and age does go hand in hand with social media. I prefer Instagram as it is a more friendly platform and have found like minded connections. Plus most of them are people I don’t know as I oddly find myself shy to promote the business to my actual friends on Facebook. I fear of boring them with my reposts of products. Then comes the pressure of numbers of followers and well meaning questions of how well it is doing and the follow train pressure, how many posts do I have to like. I can honestly say that until the launch, I never knew my number of followers!

I am excited to grow Taylor and Belle in 2019, it has been a steep learning curve and I have a long way to go, trying to find my way and voice. However the beauty is it’s all mine and I set the tone, the speed and what and when I do it. Life is a juggling act and sometimes I just can’t do it all. So I am going to cancel the stressful tutorials that promise the golden key of how to grow your business via social media, stop the pressure of follow trains and like and support the instagrammers, facebookers, tweets that I have a genuine interest in. Not worry that I haven’t reciprocated a like or a hashtag, because I didn’t have the time, because when I do it will be genuine and that’s what means the most.

I am ready for 2019 and all it brings with 2 teenagers, full time job and a small business, I just may dip in and out on occasion for some peace and quiet and gin 😊

Happy New Year!

With Love

Belle x


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  • The diffuser I bought for Xmas for my wife has gone down very well . I will be back for more at Easter … Thanks Taylor and Belle


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