Butterflies, princesses, gender and other babblings

One of the exciting things about starting a company is a blank page.  It is  the only time in my working life that I have not had to take direction from anyone.  This revelation brought fear and self doubt amongst the fluttering butterflies that are constantly in my tummy as I tentatively dip my toe into the adventurous world of a small business.
This being said the one thing I felt quite clear on was categories.  I actually never realised how strongly I felt about the subject until it was time to choose.  You may notice that the products are not categorised under gender, this is a conscious decision as well, I believe the only thing that should define a person is their soul.
Stereotypes are all around us, it slowly enters our subconscious when reading, listening, talking, as unless one sat in a box all alone, we are sponges absorbing peoples opinions.  A child is born and automatically we want to know the sex, so we can define the child with colour..... pink for a girl and blue for a boy.
When my daughter was 2 she was invited to a pirates and princess party.  Ignoring the fact that Bo never really liked wearing dresses, we rushed out to buy the most expensive princess costume, complete with a wand and accessories of bracelets and necklaces. 
The day came and with it a very unhappy child............ turns out Bo really, really did not want to wear that dress.  It took 30 minutes, two very hot and bothered parents to get the dress on and oh how she hated it.  We managed to get her to the party looking like a child that had been through a trauma.  After that event we kinda realised that everyone is born with their own souls, desires and wishes.  Some like Bo will express them at an early age, some when they are older and sadly others may never find their voice. 
I believe nobody should live by the definition of a what is considered correct, you only get one life and it should be lived as happy as one can make it.   So if you like flamingos or ' pink slay the day' notepads or want to wear a pair of cufflinks on a whim, we have something just for you or that wonderful human in your life.  Albeit not an actual flamingo, sadly.......I tried!
Oh and Bo is still not a signed up member of the princess club, but we love her even more for it.
With love
Belle x

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