It has been a month since I launched Taylor & Belle and gosh has it been a steep learning curve.

Apparently when you press the open for business button, you don't sell all of your stock in the first week...... Ok I wasn't that naive but kinda did think I would of sold more in the early days.  Then there is the social media mystery of Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest (this last one is still a little alien).  I have always used social media, but honestly never entertained the number of followers I had.  A couple of weeks ago I had a mini meltdown as T&B had lost 2 followers and don't get me started on #.  I read somewhere you should use all hashtags at your disposal, I run out after 5!

Now I am a positive kind a gal and I admit that was beginning to wan. Yet three things happened this week, I went out for dinner with a friend and the munchkins and had a good giggle without checking in with my new best friend social media.

My daughter had a careers evening at school and we had a fab time.  Not sure we took it as seriously as one should, but it was relaxed.  All I want is Bo to be happy and be in charge of her own destiny.  Ultimately like most of us once, she is totally unsure of what she wants to do. So much pressure on one so young.  I went to a foreign country for a year aged 16 as I was clueless.  After my attempts to sign her up for an American school and the slightly more extreme suggestion of the Merchant Navy...... yep I really did, its tax free money, seems like a no brainer!!  I reminded myself of that key word 'happy'!  The most important thing in life is to be happy, yes its a cliche but it is true and she will find her own path and leave home before she is 30.....!

Careers Evening Fun


 I attended my first ever fair this weekend.  It wasn't the most successful event and if I had thought about it properly, bonfire weekend probably isn't going to be the best date.  Yet I met lots of different far more experienced stallholders.  Some were accepting of the poor turnout, other more seasoned attendees a little more negative.  However all were helpful, welcoming and gracious.  The customers were all oohing and aahing about the products and I had lots of good chatter about knitting to the NHS and it was a worthy cause.

All of this makes me thankful for all the new connections I have made, who chose to share snippets of their life with me either in person or via social media.  So its time to take heed of my own advice, be happy, enjoy it and sit tight for the long haul.  Oh and stop counting followers, its quality not quantity...... possibly, maybe, we shall see :)

With love

Belle x

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